Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Code Complete" Quotes

"A software metaphor is more like a searchlight than a road map. It doesn't tell you where to find the answer, it tells you how to look for it."

"When you look at the architecture, you should be pleased by how natural and easy the solution seems. It shouldn't look as if the problem and the architecture have been force together with duct tape"

"You might think of the lines between subsystems as being hoses with water running through them. If you want to reach in and pull out a subsystem, that subsytem is going to have some hoses attached to it. The more hoses you have to disconect and reconnect, the more wet you're going to get. You want to architect your system so that if you pull out a subsystem to use elsewhere, you won't many hoses to reconnect and those hoses will reconnect easily"

"A class is a lot like an iceberg: 7/8 is under water, and you can see only the 1/8 that's above the surface"
-- Steve McConnell

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