Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Agile Testing with Dynamic Languages

from this entry:

Jython : Anybody coding in a statically compiled programming language that is not using a dynamically typed programming language for the tests, has missed a golden opportunity for a productivity leap. In the C world, CPython. In the .NET world, IronPython. In the Java world, Jython.

Also check this example.

While the original comment refers to the Java world, what options do we have in .Net.
What Dynamic languages are available (except VB.Net which I personally don't like)?

- IronPython
- Smalltalk# (see some implementations details here: life is hard without the Smalltalk VM :D)
- Ruby.Net Bridge (Rook, Ruby.Net and others implementations for .Net are still "primitive")
- Boo. (has some nice features !!!)

Probably for tests I would go with IronPython/Boo.
Smalltalk# seems a very nice alternative for development. I have to see how it copes with the VM limitations. (#Dilbert would be a nice exercise).

The downside of the Ruby bridge is that you have to install 2 things: Ruby and the bridge.
And it is slow (cca 5x, I've read somewhere). That could affect the Continuous Integration.

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