Thursday, December 08, 2005

Scrum for Microsoft

Nice to hear.
As we all know, Scrum is XP for project managers.


David Treadwell, corporate vice president of the .Net Developer Platform group at Microsoft, said that while Microsoft welcomes the use of methodologies like Scrum, "we're not mandating them, but we're encouraging them. So Scrum is one process—the idea that teams meet once a day for half an hour, figure out what they're going to do then go off and do their work very quickly.

"The other is extreme programming—the concept where you might have two people working on a given piece of code and the idea is that two minds are better than one. Because you can find problems faster."

Mr. Treadwell has no idea what XP is. XP contains the Scrum practices (different naming though), the iterations are finer, and there are extra-practices related to development. Scrum is focused only on project-management. No TDD, no pair-programming is specified.

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