Sunday, March 12, 2006

Closures "quote"

I found an interesting quote on, which expresses fully my hesitation (wondering):
Anyone that really feels Ruby closures are a critical technical factor should be wondering why they’re not develping in Smalltalk or CLisp.
Actually a lot (all !?) the things I love about Ruby come from Smalltalk (and Lisp, but Smalltalk is closer to ruby, being an OO environment): closures, named arguments (ok is a hack in ruby, but is going to be solved), continuations.
I saw a post that exception handling in Smalltalk is a library !!! Isn't that a pure thoght !?

My biggest discomfort with Smalltalk is the image-based environment.
On one side, image environment is what I need: when I develop in java, I am not looking for files, but for classes. (I do type/function navigation).
On the other side, ruby is so lightweight: you write a script, and you can check-it in, take with you, etc. In Smalltalk, I need to extract the code from the image in a text file, do some stuff, and then reintegrate it elsewhere.

hmmmm, ruby or Smalltalk, where should I digg deeper?

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