Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Working Effectively with Legacy Code III

Jeremy D. Miller has some notes about the book.

Tip #1: Yes, go buy the book, and put it next to "Refactoring" (you know: beware of code smells)

Tip #2:

On most of the XP projects I've been on we've used an "Idea Wall," just a visible place to write down or post technical improvements.  Anytime we have some slack time we start pulling down tasks from the idea wall.  Occasionally we're able to outpace either testing or requirements analysis and we aren't really able to push any new code.  Whenever that happens we immediately pull things off of the idea wall.  One way to judge if your technical debt is piling up is to watch how crowded the idea wall is getting.  On the other hand, if something stays on the idea wall for a long time, it might not be that important after all.

Design never stops, not even for an older codebase

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