Monday, July 09, 2007

Functional Idioms, Take Two

My friend Ralf has extended the Enumerating module, adding a fluent interface.
  • Since the mini-project lives, I think we should create a sourceforge acount for it.
    • I have extended the interface with IsEmpty, Count, ApplyOnce, ...
  • I really like the fluent interface. SelectThenCollect is no longer necessary, we can do Select(...).Collect(...)
    • if in the initial Enumerable we have m elements and we select n from them, SelectThenCollect is O(m). Select(...).Collect(...) will take O(m)+O(n). (in the current implementation).
  • Open Question: the current implementation does eager-evaluation: the select is computed when the method is called. Do we need a lazy-implementation? It could look like a query definition, and the code will be more declarative:
    • IEnumerating query = Enumerating.On(several_things).Select(IsEven).Collect(ItsColor);
    • IEnumerable result_items = query.Eval();
    • The solution might cache, the specified delegates, for a later (lazy), usage. This might lead to some unwanted side-effects: the garbage collector will not release the objects referenced in the delegates in the query definition, until ... (the query is released).
    • Through laziness we could work on very large (infinite) data streams.

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