Wednesday, March 26, 2008

blog marketing

I've received a link about how-to make my blog more popular. (thanks Andi ;)
There are good tips in there but I'm not sure I want to go aggressive in 'active marketing':
  • it is more important that my readers say 'hey this is a cool guy with a good blog' that I say 'I am the greatest'
  • more time on marketing means less time on something else (this is probably weak, since I'm not a very effective blogger, but I compensate that by being an avid reader)
  • I would prioritize 'more, better content' higher than 'more aggressive marketing'. (I should really write more)
  • On the other side is really important to reach people and bring them something. An architect said that the real important think to do is to spread knowledge. Know imagine: instead of sitting here and doing a bad copy of bile-blog, without being even funny, winning about how java is crap, C# is crap, (btw. C# is better than java, sic!), I could/should put some interesting stuff in here and move at least a hand of developers to a better programming world. So if I can reach/teach at least 3 people, and every 'student' will reach at most 3 people and so on, maybe we can reach the critical mass, and move something.... (...or maybe this was just a naive rant)
Making it short: help me make the blog more popular: reddit, technorati, dzone me.

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